Gregory has diverse interests, and accomplishments in several creative fields. His work is presented here for the interest of like-minded people. Some of his work is for sale.

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Latest CD’s of Greg’s stories for children

These two are due to be on sale in late July of 2011. Price R80-00 plus postage, if ordered by e-mail from

The Bright Blue Frog is a story narrated by John Richards, well-known radio announcer, with a variety of readers playing the various parts, and delectable sound effects. Freddie is a little blue frog who wants to be green, like all the other frogs in his pond. But nobody knows how to make him green. His whole clan goes on a mission to get help with this problem from King Frongo, the biggest-frog-in-the-world. But it is King Frongo’s wife, the Stately Queen Francesca, who solves the problem. Suitable for ages 5 and upwards.

Riveting Rhymes is a collection of 19 amusing short stories told in rhyme, read by a variety of readers. The titles range from Beetle Ka-Teetle and Alien Annie to The Chewing Gum Champ and The Column of Wollum. Suitable for ages 5 and upwards.

Both CD covers were designed by Dale Blankenaar and the introductory music for each cut was composed by Selwyn Schneider.


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