Greg was born in Johannesburg in 1950. He has painted ever since he can remember, to explore what he was seeing, thinking and feeling, in visual form. The depth and subtlety of nature (and of people) intrigue him. He has a bubbling urge to celebrate this in some fashion that others can see.

Besides one short course in graphic techniques, he has had only one hour of formal instruction: a watercolour lesson when he was 9 years old. After the lesson, he borrowed from his instructor a thick manual of watercolour techniques – published in the forties – one of those with the colour plates glued in place. For three months he hung on to this tome, and worked through every exercise in the book. He was hooked. Since then he has got to know and like both acrylics and oils, and has tried out a number of graphic techniques.

Without further instruction, Greg didn’t do much with his painting until he was an engineering student, when he turned to it to keep a balance with the left-brain work of his studies. Since then, there has hardly been a time when he wasn’t working on at least one painting, no matter what was happening in his working career.

"I paint for different reasons: sometimes to celebrate the grandeur of nature, sometimes to get involved in a mood or a powerful moment. I am equally happy applying my intellect to a design or painting simply to see what happens. No matter how much planning goes into a painting, once I start, the magic takes over and I slide into another realm of consciousness, where words have no place. Just to be there is its own reward.

One thing that comes into all my work, I hope, is a sense of positivity, of hope and of appreciation for goodness and beauty. There is enough evil in the world without us having to see it on canvas too."

Greg has held four one-man exhibitions: in 1978, ’82, ’85 and ’90, all in Cape Town. Examples of his work are owned privately in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Austria and South Korea, as well as locally in South Africa.



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