‘The King of Kafooni ’ - Published by Authorhouse (2008).

A collection of illustrated stories in rhyming verse, intended for readers from age 10 to 110. More about the book, and sample pages, can be seen on the publisher’s website: www.authorhouse.com or www.authorhouse.co.uk. The book can be found on the websites of many online booksellers, internationally. Samples of the kind of stories in this book can be seen on this website, under 'unpublished writings'.

‘Motivating People to Learn…and Teachers to Teach’ - Published by Authorhouse (2009) and The Attic Press (2007).

Though extremely reader-friendly, this book is a serious educational work, which points out the potential of powering the learning process through the use of intrinsic motivation, wherever possible. ‘Motivating People to Learn’ is based on 30 years of experience in teaching at various levels, from primary school to postgraduate work. This book contains a number of original insights into the learning process, and will be directly useful to teachers, lecturers and trainers in any field of work, at any level of education. It can be obtained on www.authorhouse.com or www.authorhouse.co.uk or www.theatticpress.co.za

‘Tutorials That Work’ - Arrow Publishers (1992).

This book deals with how to run tutorials at university level, to get maximum participation from members of the learner group. It can be applied directly to any small group teaching or training, even to sessions at conferences. It is based on the author’s research into tutorials at the university at which he worked, and incorporates the wisdom accruing from more than 70 courses that the author ran to train university tutors.

A few months after this book was first in print, the publishers told the author that every time their representatives went into a professor’s office anywhere in South Africa, they saw photocopied pages from this book somewhere on the professor’s desk. They reckoned it was ‘the most photocopied book’ they had ever encountered. The book has thus far not been available in countries other than South Africa. It is at present only obtainable from the author for a price of R150 (approx $15).


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