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The Cricket Game © Gregory Pastoll 1996.

This was developed by Greg and his two sons, and was first marketed in 1996, by Fantastic Games cc, the close corporation that Greg started, with two friends. The game was endorsed by the late Bob Woolmer, who at the time was the coach of the highly successful South African cricket team. Woolmer had previously played cricket for England, and was acknowledged to be one of the world’s best coaches. Greg obtained an introduction to him, to show him the draft game, and Woolmer told Greg that since his youth he had known seven board games based upon the sport of cricket, and that this one was by far the best of them. The main attraction of this game is that it enables realistic decision-making by both players, and is not at all dependent on the throw of a die. So, one can have an exciting game of cricket, tackled in a strategic fashion, with one’s opponent. Also, a good performance is not related to physical prowess, so that all players have equal chances, depending on their understanding of strategy. Fantastic Games sold over 750 copies of the game, and gave away approximately another 200 copies to promote it. The game proved very popular among those who had bought it, as revealed by a survey of our customers. However, marketing was discontinued because retailers insisted on making a profit margin so great that it squeezed out the manufacturer. Greg tried to interest five overseas manufacturers of board games in taking over the concept. They all liked the game. One company in New Zealand showed particular interest, and one in the UK had the game as runner-up on its short-list of games they wanted to produce. The apparent cost of the high-quality components of the game was cited as an obstacle by the other board-game companies. (For example, Greg used brass playing pieces instead of the commonplace plastic ones.) However, costs can be cut by large volume printing, and here we have a game with plenty of proven customer satisfaction, just waiting to be marketed.


Word Poker. © Gregory Pastoll 2003.

This game was developed as an aide to helping students have fun while learning English. The popularity of poker is unquestioned, world-wide. Word Poker combines the gambling aspect of poker with an opportunity to build words that count the most. You have to put your money (or chips) where your mouth is. Great for those who take well to word-games like Scrabble.

Trade ‘n Treasure © Gregory Pastoll 2009.

This game is in a fairly advanced state of development, though not quite ready for publication. It enables up to six players each to take control of their own ‘pirate ship’ plying around an archipelago. The object is to accumulate the most gold. This can be done by fair means or foul. Every time you elect to trade, you gain ‘goodwill’ points, and every time you attack another vessel you gain ‘bad-will’ points. Circumstances of weather and food-supplies limit what players are able to attempt. People reveal their true mettle by the strategies they employ to win and prevent other players from winning. This game is dynamic, and a true test of friendships.


© Gregory Pastoll, 2010

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