From time to time, Greg has written the lyrics of individual songs that are not attached to any of his musicals. Here are some extracts from a few of these. Greg would be pleased to hear from people who are interested in putting them to music.

Pretty Lady (extract) © Gregory Pastoll 2005

A pretty lady in a silver car
Pulled up next to me
Doin’ somethin’ pretty to her marvellous hair
Looked pretty good to me

Lost my time and my place
To that beautiful face
Didn’t know where I needed to go

All I knew, it was she
Where I wanted to be
Couldn’t even say hello

And then she was gone - in the streaming of cars
…I was out of my mind –
Looking, looking, looking, looking everywhere -
…couldn’t find no sign (…continued)

Tunes of the Night (extract) © Gregory Pastoll 2005

Ever been in a room that is crowded with people
Dancing away to the tunes of the night?

When suddenly someone catches your eye and
Whispers the heart of your soul into flight?

Have you ever been there, with the music so loud
And those eyes in the crowd, just calling to you?

And you don’t really know which direction to go,
But the minutes are slow, and there’s only you two?

I’ve been there, I’ve been there Crescendo
I’ve been there, I’ve been there
And I knew in my heart that you knew…Back to moderate volume

We were dancing away to the tunes of the night,
Didn’t matter what played, all the music was right…
I was there, you were there, and your eyes were so bright
And they held onto mine, we were dancing so fine
We were drunk without wine
On the tunes, on the tunes of the ni-ight! (continued)

Going Astray (extract) © Gregory Pastoll 2005

Can you remember
Little Miss Maisie
Pure as a daisy
Ye – esterday?

Such a big change in
Little Miss Maisie
Driving me crazy
Looking that way…

No way of knowing
Where she is going
People are saying
She’s going astray

Nothing’s the same now
Fanning my flame now
She’s dressed for the game
And she’s ready to play

Such a big change in
Little Miss Maisie
Driving me crazy
Looking that way…(…continued)


© Gregory Pastoll, 2010

All Rights Reserved. All Intellectual Property is the property of Gregory Pastoll.